Common Mistakes Made While Outsourcing Work – Methods To Fix Them

Common Mistakes Made While Outsourcing Work – Methods To Fix Them

There are numerous reasons why companies decide to outsource. Some may do it in order to save the costs of the company while others use it to free the company resources. For whatever reason, outsourcing may be practiced by the organization, but it is possible that the business makes mistakes while doing it and these small mistakes might later turn into big pitfalls harming the company’s success and image in the market.

Some common mistakes made while outsourcing is:

Outsourcing of all the customer-related operations

There are certain organizations which outsource all the customer-related operations in order to cut the costs but, certain functions like sales, resolving of complaints, feedback through emails and calls etc. are better if they are kept under the company owner’s control.

Lack of proper guidance

Outsourcing must be done within proper guidelines and all the rules and regulations must be taken care of. Providence of adequate guidance regarding business process outsourcing is a must for proper execution of the outsourcing. This is necessary to take care of so that no misunderstanding pops up in the longer run.

No gauging of the performance

Some companies while outsourcing the business, forget that they have outsourced it. Therefore, it is necessary that the performance of the functions is measured periodically in a regular manner. Proper verification of the partner must be made before making the deal.

Slow payment of your debts

The pending invoices of the business must be paid in due time. the payment of all the dues and the payment of the debts must be made in time in order to avoid the runoff of your talent in the business.

Lack of communication

Proper orders and clear communication must be made between the subordinates to guide them regarding their daily deeds. The detailed process of the business must be provided and the manager must make himself available to all the questions being put to him regarding the business. An open dialogue must be kept in the business to avoid any ack of communication and any misunderstanding in the group.

Some methods to fix these common problems are:

  • The previous samples must be looked upon before hiring new recruitments
  • Encourage communication amongst employees
  • Provide equal pay for equal work
  • Keep your cool and work with patience
  • Initiating rewards and incentives


Therefore, outsourcing of your business is of utmost importance but, one must make sure that these common minor mistakes are avoided in order to avoid and confusion or a big problem later on in the business. These mistakes must be fixed in due time and taken care of.


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