Few Benefits of Using Hydraulic Tensioners

Few Benefits of Using Hydraulic Tensioners

Can you really imagine that a bolt or a stud can really act as a spring? As a matter of fact, when we use bolts as a fastener then the bolted joint just acts like a spring. Therefore, it needs to be stretched sufficiently to keep the joint firmly clamped when they are joined. If there is no sufficient load on the bolt then the joint may fail too.

Therefore, hydraulic tensioners are the right solution to this problem. This tightening method that is applied will help in controlling the cost.

Let us highlight few benefits of the hydraulic tensioner in the following paragraphs.

  • Offers accurate and consistent stud loading

Both practice and theory of using hydraulic tensioner for tensioning any bolt or stud is pretty simple. This tensioner uses a special purpose hydraulic cylinder for producing tension. The amount of tension is directly proportional to the area of hydraulic cylinder and the amount of hydraulic pressure is supplied by the pump. Both these variables can be closely controlled and hence stud tensioning will be highly accurate.

  • Uniform stud loading

In an application where more than one stud needs to be tightened then hydraulic stud tensioners proves to be more effective. When the pressure of the hydraulic pump increases the tension remains the same in each stud and the flange will come together evenly and simultaneously.

  • Saving of labor and time

You can save lots of time by using a number of hydraulic stud tensioner. As compared to using any torque wrenches, the operation can be much faster by using hydraulic tensioner. It will cut almost 50 per cent of the tightening time by using single hydraulic tensioner. By adding more, you can further reduce the time by 33 per cent.

  • Easy and safe to use

These tensioners have very high ratios between power to weight. As compared to any toque tool such tensioners are much lighter, not so bulky and much easier to handle. Most of applications can be easily handled by a single operator. The operator who handles hydraulic tensioner needs to handle its load cell, puller bridge and bar separately. Weight of all these are much lesser as compared to any hydraulic wrench.

These tensioners are quite safe to handle instead of sluggish wrenches. Hydraulic pumps that are air or hand operated are pretty safe and explosion proof.

  • Increased stud life

It eliminates any kind of thread seizing or galling. There is no high contact pressure on the nut and thread while using hydraulic tensioner.

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