How to Bring Back Your Beauty Glow in the New Year

How to Bring Back Your Beauty Glow in the New Year

It’s a whole new year and that means out with the old and in with the new! What better way to start off the New Year than by refreshing your beauty routine? Time to sharpen your beauty skills and breathe new life into your skin with these health hacks to make that skin glow.

1) Drink water. And lots of it
Jennifer Aniston swears her secret to looking youthful is drinking copious amounts of water – and by the looks of her luminous glow, we can’t disagree. Aside from keeping you hydrated, H2O keeps your skin plump and juicy! It can also curb acne and wrinkles. And, with helpful apps like Plant Nanny (which grows a seedling to a plant as you consume more water throughout the day), it’s easier than ever to keep your intake up.

2) Get enough sleep on the reg
Between driven work lives, bountiful social lives, and personal commitments (getting to the gym doesn’t happen on its own, people!) getting enough sleep can be a challenge. Adequate amounts of shut-eye aids in rebalancing your skin’s hydrations levels, amongst other skin-benefitting actions. Sleep Cycle is an app that’s essentially a smart alarm clock. It charts your sleep patterns and gives useful information to help you sleep better! (Like finding the optimal time to wake you up) So get charting, and start to see that skin glow.

3) Go to bed au naturel, always
We’ve all been there: stumbling home after a party in the wee hours of the morning with a face full of glam make-up on and wanting nothing more than to dive head-first into the comfort of our beds. Party girls everywhere have made the faux-pas of passing out with make-up on and it’s pretty much suicide for your skin. No matter how tedious it may seem at the time, removing your make-up before going to sleep is always a good idea. Leaving cosmetic products to seep into your skin overnight causes acne among other things and will leave you waking up less than refreshed. Keep make-up wipes and bottle of non-rinse cleanser next to your bed for nights where you just can’t be bothered to make the trip to the bathroom. (We love Bioderm’sSensibio H2O Millecular Cleanser)

4) Invest in a good under-eye cream
Adding another step to your beauty regime can take some getting used to, but under-eye creams aren’t just for hungover days where your eyes are extra-puffy. Rather, using a good under-eye cream daily can prevent bags in the future. We swear by Roc Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream which not only slowly plumps the fragile area under your eyes but at under $20 is also a beauty steal. Puffy eyes be gone! You’ll be shelving you Oliver Peoples sunglasses at this rate and showing your beautiful eyes off to all!

5) Drink less (gasp!) alcohol
Okay, we realize this resolution is a biggie and by no means an easy one. Social outings these days pretty much go hand-in-hand with some kind of alcoholic consumption and on top of that, oh, that’s right – it’s really, really fun. But, alcohol dehydrates your body which makes for less than ideal conditions for dewy, fresh skin. We’re not saying you have to be totally sober to be a skin goddess, but drinking a little less here definitely helps. An easy tip to try is having a glass of water between every glass of alcohol while out. That way, you hydrate yourself in between shots and can still be the life of the party.

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