How to Unblock the Kitchen Sink

How to Unblock the Kitchen Sink

Virtually everyone will at some point in their lives will have to unblock a sink. The most likely place you will have to do this is in the kitchen as food debris often slips down the sink hole whilst washing up and can get caught in the U-bend underneath. You know you have a blocked up sink or pipe when the time it takes for water to drain is dramatically increased or indeed if the water is not draining at all. To speed up the speed of the water draining and unclog your sink there are number of things you can do.

Use a Plunger

The quickest and easiest way of unclogging a sink is to utilise a plunger. To do this, simply place the plunger over the sink hole and push it down to force air around in the pipes. This often works to dislodge and large food chunks that may be blocking up the piping system.

Replace the U-Bend

If plunging the drain hole didn’t do the trick, you can also try removing the U-Bend located directly underneath the sink. The bend is usually filled up with water as it works to prevent undesirable odours travelling up from the sewage system. Removing the U-Bend is a rather simple task and is usually a case of unscrewing the thread on the bend nearest the sink. After this remove the second thread at the end of the U-Bend. You should be careful though as removing can often lead to water spillage so have a bucket or pan underneath to collect any water that may fall out. Once the U-Bend is removed, you can either simply clean out the pipe or even replace it with a new one should the blockage be more troublesome.

Use Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners work well with standard sinks but are not especially suited for more expensive piping with corrosive metal. You can purchase a chemical cleaner from any DIY hardware store and even at many supermarkets. Bear in mind that those chemical cleaners found at the supermarket are often of lesser strength than those found at DIY stores and so will take longer to work. In some cases, supermarket chemical cleaners are really only effective for mild grease and dirt.

Some Alternative Methods

Some home remedies for unblocking a sink is to utilise baking soda and boiling water. This can in many cases work to dissolve the blockage. You can also add vinegar to the mix too. Failing this, a more physical approach is to repurpose a metal wire hanger that you use on clothing and drive it through the sink hole to either ‘catch’ the clogged object or push it through so that it can pass through the piping as it should have originally done.

If Nothing Works

If none of the methods listed above worked to unclog your sink or speed up the time which your sink drains then you should definitely consider calling in a plumber. They will have the necessary tools to properly locate the blockage and will in nearly all cases be able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

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