Important Things You need to Know About Document Shredding Services

Important Things You need to Know About Document Shredding Services

Having a proper document shredding policy in your office can benefit your business in many ways. The most important thing here is to ensure that no sensitive data goes out of your office on hard copies. This daily routine of shredding documents at the end of the day doesn’t make sure that the data is safe. Poor paper shredding practices can put your clients and staff at risk.

Here are some of the facts that you need to know about shredding companies:

Discarded Documents are Public Property

The trash that you consider waste and throw it, becomes a public property and could turn out to be treasure for others in many ways. Many of the competing organizations can grab it and use it for their organizational growth. This information breach may prove as a menace against the advancement of the any business.

Print sources are proven to be highest contributors towards information thefts, as compared to digital sources. Hence, it is always suggested to hire government approved destruction companies to dispose off paper with valuable data.

On-Site Shredding is Securer Than Off-Site Shredding

It is better to opt for on-site shredding rather than off-site shredding. This is because with an off-site shredding procedure, there are chances contravention or breach of information. In off-site shredding, the trash is taken to the facility and then sorted to separate the recyclable materials. On the contrary, on-site shredding destroys the trash immediately on the spot and under the supervision of your staff, which provides surety of secure data decomposition.

Document Shredding Services Are Cost effective

Using document shredding services will cost you lesser than buying shredders for your company. This is because you will not only have to keep servicing and maintaining the shredders, but also buy new ones when the old ones stop working or are of no good to use.

These document shredding services are not only meant for Paper shredding, but they also include hard drives, CD’s and USB sticks etc. The media destruction needs different type of shredding machine, and cannot be destroyed in the paper shredders.

Mobile Shredding is the Best Option

Shredding hundreds of pounds of documents can be time consuming. It can take several days or hours for you to shred them. Mobile shredding company can do this task in 10 minutes or even lesser.

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