Reviewing The Inevitable Need For Privileged Access Management

Reviewing The Inevitable Need For Privileged Access Management

Regardless of the size, nature of operations and other aspects, most businesses deal with significant information and data on a regular basis. Of all the users who have access to various company resources, some are privileged users. For the uninitiated, privileged users are those who have administrative access to important and critical data, systems and applications. Understandably, privileged users are important for the company and are trusted more than ordinary employees, but it also brings in inherent risks, because these are people with power. As evident from the name, privileged access management is basically about controlling these accounts.

Know more about privileged access management

Considering that a company is bigger than any user, it doesn’t really make any sense to grant many or all rights to data and access to one user. However, privileged accounts are important and necessary to run the business smoothly, and in many companies, these are called super users, who usually have privileged accounts, which allows them to modify, access, change and fix things within the system and with the data. Expectedly, there’s a need to keep a tab on these privileged accounts, because super users leave and join the company all the time. In an age where some of the most infamous security breaches have been traced back to employees, privileged access management is extremely important.

Why privileged users are important?

Most privileged users are responsible for creating and managing certain aspects of the system, depending on the nature of the business. They are the ones who create and delete accounts, grant temporary access to files and folders, and keep a tab on the work of other users. Depending on the role, privileged users may be in charge of monitoring online and on-premise data security. While the work of super users cannot be done away with, what they do with privileged accounts is a matter of concern.

Get the most of PAM

PAM or privileged access management allows companies to streamline the way privileged accounts are monitored and authorized. With privileged access management, companies can choose to grant privileges for selected systems and applications, have a control on how such access is used or must be revoked. It also comes in handy to reduce or expand roles of privileged users at various points of time, and privileged access management also creates a centralized system, where everything is transparent. Any error or intentional security breaches can be easily traced back to source, and appropriate action can be taken.

Selecting a suite

There are many identity suites in the market, and each one has a few pros and cons, which must be evaluated. When it comes to management of identities and roles, it is necessary to select a system that becomes a part of your existing setup. The whole process of implementing and using privileged access management should be a guided and easy one, and it must ensure that your management control isn’t disturbed.

Check online now to find suites that include privileged access management and don’t forget to check the features and relevant details.

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