Should You Consider Solid Timber Flooring? Check The Pros And Cons Here!

Should You Consider Solid Timber Flooring? Check The Pros And Cons Here!

Contemporary homeowners have no dearth of choices when it comes to flooring, right from basic tile flooring to cork, vinyl and more. One of the oldest choices for flooring is solid timber, and in this post, we take a look at the some of the pros and cons of hardwood flooring and whether you should consider this for your home.

The incredible advantages

There is no denying that solid timber floors look stunning. No matter the kind of theme or home design you have, this is one choice that will add aesthetic value to the interiors, and experts swear by the beauty of natural wood. You wouldn’t have to compromise on finishes and styles either. There are many timber suppliers in Melbourne, who can help you with choosing the material and can explain why solid wood might be a better choice for your home.

Secondly, solid timber adds value to your home. If you plan to sell the house at some point, such kind of flooring is likely to fetch you a better price than standard vinyl or tiles. In terms of durability, you don’t have to compromise either. Installed rightly by a known company, your flooring will stay put for years to come.

On the flip side

For many people, the cost of buying and installing solid wood flooring is the biggest concern. Wood is an expensive material to say the least, so you need to have that kind of budget. Also, wooden floors can be noisy, and you may need to spend on refinishing once in a few years.

Final verdict

Your house deserves all the attention, and spending a tad more on solid timber flooring is never a bad idea in the first place. However, consider maintenance and the fact that solid timber can change with time. If aesthetic value and durability are the things you seek, this is a great choice by all means, and the extra price you pay is worth considering, given that you can recover that from the sale price of the house. Just make sure that you have selected the right supplier and have considered all the other options. In case you don’t want to go for solid timber flooring for the entire house, a better idea is to select this for rooms where you want a tad more warmth and comfort, such as the living.

Check online to find a more ideas on how to use solid timber flooring rightly.

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