When Should You Consider For Mud Jacking Process For Repairing Concrete Slabs

When Should You Consider For Mud Jacking Process For Repairing Concrete Slabs

If you ever find any kind of problem on your concrete floor then it could be due to certain foundation problem, which needs immediate repair. Usually, concrete floors may need repairs due to problems like cracking, sinking or any other structural weaknesses. These are addressed by applying a process called mud jacking process.

By applying this mudjacking method, it is possible to lift up the sunken concrete surface around your home or workplace too. It is a one of the foundation repair method where the void under the floor is filled by injecting slurry material into it.

Mud jacking process is being applied for many years and most of the contractors use this method in case a foundation problem gets noticed. This is a rather less expensive method to repair concrete floor as compared to modern method developed which is known as foam jacking. After an experienced contractor applies mud jacking process, you can maintain the concrete floor for many years.

Let’s now discuss about the condition when you must consider using this method and when it will not be a right approach to repair the floor.

When mud jacking must be considered –

Usually when your home starts settling down you will observe that your concrete floor is either getting cracked or it starts sinking. Now you have to find out whether the foundation of your home needs necessary repair. In order to do that you may invite a foundation expert to inspect the cracked or sunken floor area.  Following are the areas where such damages are normally noticed:

  • Garage floors
  • Basement floors
  • Pool decks
  • Sinking steps
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios

When mud jacking should be avoided –

While mud jacking is considered to be an effective repair method for damaged floors however it may not be suitable under certain conditions

  • If small, thin crack is observed but it remains in same condition and does not increase further then it is not a foundation issue.
  • Floor is not found to be sinking but minor deformity is observed.
  • If your purpose is simply raise the floor level from its present position then mud jacking cannot be a very prudent solution.

  • Sometime in order to create a partition people think of considering raising the floor level, in such conditions mud jacking must be avoided.

It is necessary to discuss the kind of repair solution with your foundation expert.

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